Less than 13 weeks to go!!!

After a weekend of snow hampered training, I am fairly pleased with the 25 Miles I managed to clock up. I never thought for one second that training would be easy. In fact easy is the last word I would use to describe my schedule. Determination and dedication is key. So as the saying goes... No pain, No gain.

On April 21st 2013 I will be running in the London Marathon. An event I have wanted to do for quite some time.

I am running on behalf of the MS Society, A charity quite close to my heart. In April 2004 my Uncle Hywel died after suffering with MS for a number of years. Hywel was one of five siblings, of which 2 others, My Auntie and Uncle, also have MS. Around 100,000 people in the UK have MS. It affects two million more.

The MS Society offers hope for the future by investing millions in research, and help for today through information, support and campaigning. 

They need all the help they can get, So please dig deep and give what you can. If everyone gave just a few pounds it will make a difference.

Wish me luck & Have a G&T ready for me at the finish line!!