Parfum L'Arome - Directed by Tim Brown

Before Christmas I had the pleasure of working with Tim Brown at 15 Badgers on a stunning piece for The Avaverse. The spot was shot in Barcelona creating the perfect backdrop, which in turn gave me beautiful footage to work with, making this one of my favourite jobs of last year. Take a look below. 

Client : Marcilla
Product: L'arome Espresso Creations Range
Title: Parfum L'Arome
Agency: The Avaverse
Creative Director: Mitch Levy
Creative: Anna Lena Hitzler
Agency Producer: Bash Robertson

Production Company: 15 Badgers
Director: Tim Brown
Producer: Bash Robertson
DP: Ben Butler
Editor: Lizzy graham
Post-Production: Glassworks
Telecine: Ben Rogers
Smoke: Aleks Ugarow