Don Diablo 'Cell' Music Video

I have just finished working on the new Don Diablo video for the track 'Cel'. I had worked with Don Diablo before on his last video, 'Lights Out Hit', and this was even more fun! Once again it was a great concept and a great tune. This track is on the soundtrack to the Bellicher: Cel movie and the video's scifi/futuristic concept nods to several movie concepts and styles. You can see inspiration from Steven Spielberg's Minority Report in the gesture-based creation scenes. 

I loved the mix of nature and technology. I really enjoyed bringing together the green-screen and CG in the cut. I'm particulary proud of the cut timing and bringing in the crowd/rave scenes to the nature scenery. Check out the video below and let me know what you think!

Don Diablo - Lights Out Hit ft. Angela Hunte Music Video

The brilliantly talented Don Diablo

The brilliantly talented Don Diablo

This is the first video that I got to work with the talented Don Diablo for his club smasher 'Lights Out Hit'. Directed by Tom Geraedts @ MIE

The concept sets an ominous tone with imagery that would suggest a voodoo-esque ritual is about to be performed on some cute fluffy animals. I'm really pleased with the end product given the tight deadline on this project.

The suspense and the music build, but what will become of the fluffy animals? Check out the video below and give me your comments!