UPDATE - The Phone Call in Oscar consideration

On the 23rd of September, Mat & James sent our film to the Academy for consideration for the Oscars in early 2015. It is currently in consideration for Best Narrative Short! Fingers Crossed. 

If you hurry you will also be able to view the film in its entirety thanks to IndieWire.  Click on the link below to read the kind words from Casey Cipriani and watch Sally Hawkins at her best. 



Click the image to view the trailer

Dark Sky 'Silent Fall' - Broken Antenna

Dark Sky’s "Silent Fall“ is the first single of the long awaited debut LP imagin, which will be released on Berlin based Monkeytown Records on August 29th. Lizzy had the pleasure of working with Broken Antenna on their official video for the track. Take a look... 

The Phone Call wins at Tribeca!

'The Phone Call' - a short film directed by Mat Kirkby, co-written with James Lucas and starring Sally Hawkins (Golden Globe winner), Jim Broadbent (Academy Award winner) and Edward Hogg, Wins 'Best Narrative Short Film' at Tribeca Film Festival in New York! Such an amazing experience to be part of this. For more information, take a look at the official website for the film.

Offical Website: http://thephonecallfilm.com

Whoopi Goldberg was one of the judges at this years festival. Here is the official winners page...


This takes the tally up to 5 awards now:

Winner - Best Narrative Short - Tribeca Film Festival 2014
Winner - Special Audience Recognition - Aspen Shortfest 2014
Winner - Youth Jury Award - Aspen Shortfest 2014
Winner - Golden Horseman of the Audience - Filmfest Dresden
Winner - Audience Award for Best British Short - Leeds International Film Festival


Great start to joining the Marshall Street gang!

As many of you know I recently moved to Marshall Street Editors, and all I can say is what a manic first few weeks it has been. On my first day I started a Buxtons job with Mat Kirkby @ RSA Films for Publicis. Take a look below to view Buxtons or head to Marshall Street Editors' website to view all of my work. 


Buxtons 'Naturally Pumped Up' - Directed by Mat Kirkby @ RSA Films for Publicis